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Final presentations of Dirty Old Town 2022

Join us for the final presentations of Dirty Old Town! Over the past three months we have explored the inescapable contradictions and complexities of the modern city by bringing together different disciplines from historical research to artistic expression. Collectively we looked at the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead of us, while taking into account the character of a city, which is not only defined by its trendy restaurants and iconic buildings, but also by its sharp edges. Through a series of lectures, excursions and three thematic workshops on Superdiversity, Crime & Control, and the Anthropocene, the participants eventually developed their own project which will be presented during a final event on the 21st of April from 15:00 – 17:00. You can register for the event here. It’s free of charge.


15:00 – 15:15    Welcome and introduction

15:15 – 15:35    Presentation ‘We’re no computers’ by Jonathan Keen
As technologies influence more aspects of our lives and society how do we keep the human scale in the city? This project focuses on one Rotterdam block and explores how we can be masters of our technology and not victims. 

15:35 – 15:55    Presentation ‘KAPWA’ by Naly Paz
Kapwa is a collection of postcards for the fellows in the global North. Moored in a country where catastrophes have already fallen, it features on-the-ground stories about climate change impacts in the Philippines.

16:00 – 16:20  Presentation ‘RiseUp for the Neighbourhood’ by Lotte de Haan
An educational program about gentrification, in which secondary school students of different educational levels learn to understand and care about urban processes and their social effects.

16:20 – 16:40  presentation Reconfigured City, by Bohdan Serediak
Is knowledge subjective? Through what means collective memory is formed? For how long should we remember our past? Architecture is conflict. With its destruction so are gone memories of our past. How do we rebuilt what was once destroyed? Architecture must transform!

16:40 – 17:00  Presentation ‘Mariupol: Reconstruction’ by Sergey Rodionov
A vision of the post-war urban redevelopment of the Ukrainian city Mariupol, looking back on its heritage, Rotterdam’s modernist experience and challenges of the future

17:00  Walk around exhibition