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Online lecture by Mark Lynas

Online lecture by Mark Lynas, author of major environmental bestseller books. Friday 21 April 2023

On Friday 21st of April we welcomed welcome Mark Lynas for an online lecture as part of our upcoming course “The +2.5° City” and since we think that everybody should hear his story, we recorded the lecture.

Mark Lynas is the author of five major environmental bestseller books: High Tide (2004), Six Degrees (2008), The God Species (2011), Seeds of Science (2018) and Our Final Warning (2020). 

Lynas talked about ‘our future on a hotter planet’, in order for the participants in the studio to reflect on what the city of Rotterdam would be like to live with a 2,5 degree global temperature rise and how we would deal with issues such as water, food, storms and migration.