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School's Out! #4 with Dore van Duivenbode

Our guest during School’s out! #4 last Friday, was writer and journalist Dore van Duivenbode. Van Duivenbode published her first book in 2018, called Mijn Poolse huis (My Polish house) for which she has been nominated with the Bob den Uyl-award, for best journalistic travel book of 2018. Recently she worked together with director Britta Hosman on the television series Moja Polska! in which she shows the viewer a Poland as it has not been portrayed before. She investigates how it is possible that her motherland has changed so much during her life and looks at the county’s turbulent history from communism to western democracy and more recently a return to conservatism.

During the evening, Van Duivenbode was interviewed by journalist Inge Janse. This set-up created an intimate atmosphere, allowing the audience to ask their questions right away. The conversation focused on the topics that Van Duivenbode encountered during the development of her travel series. Her stories were supported by short fragments of the series itself. The audience didn’t only get more insight in Poland, but also more in how the documentary series was made. For example, how Van Duivenbode really tried to build a relationship with the people she interviewed. She didn’t only want to know what kind of work they did, but also where they lived and who their friends and families are.


18.00 - 19:00   Drinks, food, and tunes
19.00 - 20:00  Inge Janse in conversation with Dore van Duivenbode + Q&A
20.00 - 20:30 Film selected by Jord den Hollander
20:30 - 22.00 Drinks, food, and tunes