independent school for the city


The Independent School for the City organizes various public events, addressing topics that respond to current relevant issues in urbanisation, and offers a platform to other organisation dealing with the city. The events are accessible to all 'urban' professionals in Rotterdam and beyond.
Sep 20

A day long bus trip to the most spectacular works of the controversial Dutch architect Carel Weeber, guided by Wouter Vanstiphout - the author of ‘Autonoom: 100% Carel Weeber’. More info soon

Sep 27

For the next School’s Out! on Friday 27 September, we invited internationally renowned architect Florian Idenburg, co-founder of SO – IL. The architecture office was founded in 2008 in New-York together with Jing Liu. His lecture "Cancel the Corridor, amongst others" will present recent work and in-process work of SO – IL.

Oct 08

Climate change increasingly is a reason for displacement and migration. The United Nations International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has cited estimates of as many as 25 million to 1 billion climate migrants in the next 30 years, while other projections point to 1.4 billion by 2060. It is therefore important to investigate more just alternatives for the way we are dealing with climate change, migration and the organisation of space today. This lecture series examines the impact of climate change on the liveability of our world and the potentialities of space. Where is climate-induced displacement and migration already happening today? Which areas will be most affected by global warming? Where can people move to and how can new places for living be built?

Oct 08

Over the next century we will face several climate crises that might force millions of people to leave their homes. On the first evening we will discuss the impact of climate change on the world. The starting point of the lecture series is the research and design project ‘Humanity on the Move’ in which Lena Knappers and Bram van Ooijen investigate how we can address this major issue.

Oct 25

For this School’s Out! on Friday 25 October, we invited Pedro Gadanho, architect, author and independent curator based in Lisbon.

He will talk about his book "Climax Change! How Architecture Must Transform in the Age of Ecological Emergency" offering an overview of how the current environmental emergency will impact the practice of architecture. From historical analyses of ecocide or the environmental avant-gardes, to topics such as decarbonization, degrowth, the Great Transition and the aspirations of Green New Deals, this book features ten essays around today’s climate change debates, bringing them home to architectural thinking.