independent school for the city


The Independent School for the City organizes various public events, addressing topics that respond to current relevant issues in urbanisation, and offers a platform to other organisation dealing with the city. The events are accessible to all 'urban' professionals in Rotterdam and beyond.
May 31

Drinks, tunes, bites and a lecture by architect, urban designer and filmmaker Rohan Shivkumar. The talk will explore the intertwined histories of image making and the evolution of the city of Mumbai.

Mumbai is often more myth than place. Every street and square is haunted by images - from the past and the future. These images shape the way we see who we are, and what we are going to be. They come from the world of cinema, television, poetry, urban design and architecture and promise the unfettered freedom of modernity on the streets, but also its inverse- the dark dungeon of crime filled alleys. These are intertwined with the everyday life of its inhabitants and affects the way the city grows. This has been particularly true across the twentieth century during which both its population and its role as the centre for the Hindi film industry grew rapidly.

Jun 11

Public event (in Dutch) with Violette Schönberger and Jeroen van Dam. In her essay collection Paradijs van Imperfectie, Violette Schönberger provides insight into professional ideas about the city on the basis of personal experiences. She makes a plea for "gentle" urban development. Photographer Jeroen van Dam sets out to really experience that imperfect city. As an Urban Explorer, he ventures into those fringes and 'behind the scenes' of the city, where no one else goes, and takes dazzling photos there. Together they wonder what the fascination with the imperfect city means for their practice as designers. Would you have liked to design what you photograph? Decay, open ends and frayed edges are among the most special places in the city, but can you actually design them? Or…. is the pursuit of imperfection actually a form of decadence?

Tuesday 11 June 2024, 19:00 - 20:30 (Doors open at 18:30). Tickets available for 5 euro here

Jun 28

This School's Out! with Wouter Vanstiphout is the book presentation of 'Autonoom: 100% Carel Weeber' a detailed architect’s biography and a richly illustrated architectural monograph, bringing together life and work of Weeber. According to Vanstiphout, the common thread in this story is “that from the beginning of his professional career, Carel Weeber consciously adopted the attitude of an outsider and paradoxically, through the almost theatrical elaboration of this attitude, has had a great influence on Dutch architecture and its institutions.” The evening includes a film program, followed by drinks and bites.