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Changing Perspectives with Observatorium

A four-day studio spread over 6 weeks in May and June, creating a scenario for an Urban Oasis with Observatorium – a studio for public art and place-making. Taking place on 25 May and 6, 28 & 29 June 2024

About the workshop

In this workshop we will research the consequences of the changing climate together with the artist collective Observatorium – a studio for public art and place-making. We will look at historical examples and develop new scenarios for inhabiting an ever-warming city. One of the scenarios for an Urban Oasis will be converted into a built proposal in the middle of Rotterdam. A built proposal is a good idea constructed provisionally and temporarily on site.

About Observatorium

Observatorium is a studio for public art and place-making in cities and landscapes, based in Rotterdam. We work on representations of geographies, transitions and local culture in urban public space and the natural environment in many countries and produce strategic planning, placemaking, public works of art and related public events. The award winning public artworks vary from large scale sculptures to gardens and pavilions, all providing opportunities for gathering, dwelling, dialogue, contemplation or special events. Observatorium developes an artform that generates as much attention for the world around us as for itself. At best, it creates a sense of wonder in often already magical places.


25 May 2024 – Excursion to Observatorium projects in Rotterdam, presenting the workshop, researching the topic and the abilities of the participants and developing scenarios.

06 June 2024 – Presenting, discussing ideas and designing the final scenario

28 & 29 June 2024 – Preparing and constructing an Urban Oasis